Cannot FAX or Dial Out with NeoPost over Cisco SPA112

By | May 12, 2015

A few weeks ago at work we upgraded our phone system to an Asterisk based VoIP PBX. We utilized a Cisco SPA112 to provide analog connectivity for our fax machine and the NeoPost postage meter. While receiving faxes was all well and good we realized that we could not send them out nor could our postage meter dial up to the post office to purchase postage. This was due to the dial tone going to fast-busy too quickly before either device started to dial the destination number. To extend this time, there are a few values you will need to change in your SPA configuration.

Login to your SPA112 and go to the Voice tab

The default call tones allow for only 10 seconds to start dialing. Update the following tones to allow for 30 seconds:

Dial Tone: 350@-19,440@-19;30(*/0/1+2)
Second Dial Tone: 420@-19,520@-19;30(*/0/1+2)
Outside Dial Tone: 420@-19;30(*/0/1)
MWI Dial Tone: 350@-19,440@-19;2(.1/.1/1+2);30(*/0/1+2)
Cfwd Dial Tone: 350@-19,440@-19;2(.2/.2/1+2);30(*/0/1+2)

Then go to the Control Timers Values section.
Set your Interdigit Long Timer and Interdigit Short Timer to 10 seconds.

This should give your analog devices ample time to begin the dial out process.

4 thoughts on “Cannot FAX or Dial Out with NeoPost over Cisco SPA112

  1. Tetris


    I am working on this subject currently.
    Did you change any other default settings to make your neopost working?

    Thanks ahead

    1. Cody Post author

      No – only the settings on the SPA112 above to allow the neopost more time before it starts dialing.

  2. Tetris

    Hello Cody,

    Indeed I used your settings and I succeeded to dial out.
    However, data couldn’t be sent or received and the neopost displayed an error connexion issue.

    1. Cody Post author

      Were you not able to dial out at all before applying those settings? This could be due to the VOIP provider and if T.38 is supported. Our provider does not technically support T.38 but our neopost seems to connect fine when it dials out, however our fax machine which is also connected to the SPA112 seems to successfully send about 60% of the time. I would take a look at your phone systems fax settings also. I will send you some extra screenshots of my SPA112 config in your email shortly if that helps.


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