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ASSP Install On Ubuntu

Install Ubuntu Server 13.04 with openssh-server selected during setup, update & upgrade it. Install necessary software: $sudo apt-get install build-essential pmtools libterm-readline-perl-perl libterm-readline-gnu-perl libyaml-perl libtext-glob-perl libnumber-compare-perl libio-compress-perl libemail-mime-perl libemail-send-perl libemail-valid-perl libfile-readbackwards-perl libwww-perl libmime-types-perl libmail-dkim-perl libmail-spf-perl libmail-srs-perl libnet-cidr-lite-perl libnet-dns-perl libnet-ldap-perl libnet-smtp-server-perl libthreads-perl libthread-queue-any-perl libtie-dbi-perl libschedule-cron-perl libio-socket-ssl-perl libdbd-anydata-perl libdbd-csv-perl libdbd-ldap-perl libdbd-mock-perl libdbd-odbc-perl libdbd-mysql-perl libfile-find-rule-perl libfile-slurp-perl libfile-which-perl libfile-chmod-perl… Read More »


To block a single host, or a range of hosts from accessing a server you can use the following command(s): ## iptables -I INPUT -s -j DROP ## iptables -I INPUT -s -j DROP Those are temporary rules and if the server is rebooted they will not be present.

SSH Authentication Key Setup Ubuntu

Here is how to set up key based authentication for OpenSSH server on Ubuntu 14.04 First, generate your keypair for the account.  You can leave the private key password blank if you do not want to enter one every time. cperson@WEB:~/.ssh$ ssh-keygen -t rsa Copy your private key to your computer.  You may need to… Read More »

Free up Disk Space on /boot

Occasionally you will need to free up some disk space on the /boot partition after updating your kernel several times.  Here are a few commands to list all installed kernels on your Ubuntu system, except the running one. kernelver=$(uname -r | sed -r ‘s/-[a-z]+//’) dpkg -l linux-{image,headers}-“[0-9]*” | awk ‘/ii/{print $2}’ | grep -ve $kernelver… Read More »